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Making the Magic Happen at the Cutest Shop Ever!

How it all began…
When she said I could help her stage the store and we both laughed nervously, I wasn’t sure what to think.  We’d only just met and she had never really seen my work (aside from the photos I had just quickly scrolled through on my cell phone) and here she was…offering me one of my dreams come true!   To stage an adorable, eclectic, grassroots space.  And it only took me like a thousand days to take her up on it.
I have officially staged The ABQ Collective, an amazing collection of vendors in an old light store in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  I remember the first time I got the tour of the space and she walked me into the basement to show me all the things.  Oh Dear Lord.  I nearly lost it!  Galvanized, rustic farm buckets and tools and chicken feeders.  Old furniture stacked almost to the ceiling, all kept with a specific purpose and new life in mind.  Shelves upon shelves of knick-knacks and trinkets…all perfect for staging the space above us.  I was salivating.  At this point, I still hadn’t agreed to help them out.  But my wheels were definitely turning!
Walking back down those stairs and into that space with the go-ahead of the owner to move and use anything I wanted!  Eeeek!  It was like Christmas morning…and dark chocolate….and a night by the campfire under the stars all wrapped up in one huge feeling that swelled in my chest!  Yes, ma’am!  I will most certainly play for as long as I want and create to my hearts content!  How could I say no to that???
And so I did.
I moved things and stood back with my hands on my hips to rethink and reimagine.  I sweated as I ran up and down those stairs carrying treasures.  I talked to myself and looked like a crazy person.  I think I may have really worried the vendors and customers.  But I didn’t care.  I was totally in my zone and in my HEAVEN!  I kept thinking in my head…I was born for this.  This is what all those people are talking about when they talk about pursuing your deepest passion and finding your greatest purpose.  Yep, I had found that sweet spot and I knew it.
And then the people started to walk by and make comments and ooohhhh and ahhhhh….icing on the cake.  You see, I know I have a gift.  And even if no one else can say the words, I know it enough in myself to be ok.  But it is an INCREDIBLE feeling when others see what you see in what you’ve done.  That is magical.
The really good news…
It appears that the owners are happy and want me to keep coming back, yippee!!  I redesigned the space with a spring theme, since it’s that time of year.  What do you think? I’ll go on a regular basis and mix things up!  And I’ll be sharing all the details right here, so stay tuned!